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Why Is A Final Walk Through Inspection Of Your New Home So Important?

Friday, June 27, 2014   /   by Fra Jamir

Why Is A Final Walk Through Inspection Of Your New Home So Important?

It’s almost time for the closing on the Charleston home you’re buying and you can’t wait.  You go to the property for the final walk-through inspection.  You’re so busy thinking about where the furniture is going to go and what color you’ll paint the walls, you breeze right through the house.

It’s after closing and moving day has arrived.  Your movers have already packed up your old house and are waiting for you to show up and unlock the door at your new Charleston home.  You enter the house only to find that the repair the sellers were supposed to make were not finished.

You may wonder if you have any recourse with the seller.  Most likely not.  Unfortunately, your last chance to object to the condition of the house passed at the final walk-through inspection. 

You need to be sure to check several things at the final walk-through, including the state of any repairs you negotiated in your contract.

  • Check all the lights.  Turn the lights on and off, this will also signal any underlying electrical issues.
  • Check for leaks by running water from all the faucets, and looking underneath all the sinks for any moisture.  Check the seal on the toilets by flushing each one at least once.
  • If there are any appliances that are part of the sale, turn them all on and off.  Test the oven by turning it on and waiting a few minutes for it to warm up.  If the refrigerator has an ice maker, then it should work at the time of closing.  The garbage disposal should be in good working order as well.
  • Make sure all the doors work, and open and close smoothly.  Open and close all the windows.
  • Turn on the furnace and the air conditioning before you leave the Charleston home.  Wait long enough to be sure that each is working properly.

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