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Using a Buyer’s Agent- Pros Outpace Cons

Monday, September 30, 2013   /   by Fra Jamir

Using a Buyer’s Agent- Pros Outpace Cons

Now that online listings provide potential homebuyers with instant access to Charleston area homes for sale, there’s little reason to enlist the services of a buyer’s agent, right?

Well, the short answer to that proposition is…wrong!

 In case you tended to agree with that opening statement, it’s based on the notion that most of what a buyer’s agent does is to find your new home. Yet for veteran homeowners and first-time homebuyers alike, a buyer's agent’s services reach far beyond just the initial search. Even so, taking that task on by yourself requires a great deal of diligence (and more time than most of us can spare). A Charleston area buyer’s agent removes that burden by keeping a daily lookout for appropriate new listings as they come online, weeding out the homes that fall short of matching up with your requirements, and setting up appointments to view the properties that show promise.

A local buyer’s agent has first-hand knowledge of Charleston and its surrounding area’s neighborhoods and the individual properties. That extra insight allows the agent to point out homes that you might not have picked from its listing alone — homes that may be perfect for you in the long run.

The seller's agent works for the seller, not you. When you team up with your own buyer’s agent, you have someone in your corner who can offer you sound advice and represent only you throughout the entire process.

If you're a first time homebuyer, there’s an extra incentive. Inevitably, you're going to have a lot of questions — and you'll benefit from the extra guidance you get on your first time through the home purchasing process. Help will come not only by identifying the right home, but also identifying a suitable home inspector, interpreting the resulting inspection report, and dealing with the voluminous paperwork that comes afterward. 

While there is no requirement to engage a buyer’s agent in the Charleston area, given the size of the investment you are going to be making, having someone in your corner makes good sense.

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