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To Ease Relocation to Charleston, SC , Stay Ahead of the Curve

Friday, January 3, 2014   /   by Fra Jamir

To Ease Relocation to Charleston, SC , Stay Ahead of the Curve

Relocating to Charleston, SC can be an invigorating fresh start: an opening to unexplored opportunities and a brand new community filled with tomorrow’s life-long friends. Then again, faced with a sudden onslaught of details and decisions, it can be an experience that falls just short of overwhelming. Every year, 43,000,000 Americans move to a new home, yet the Employee Relocation Council says that moving is the third most stressful event in a person’s life.


If you are relocating to our Charleston area anytime soon, there is much that you can do to ensure the more positive outcome. Whether you will move for professional reasons or just to take advantage of the lifestyle the region offers, you will cut down on anxiety when you take positive steps to orient yourself ahead of time.


If at all possible, make a few excursions to Charleston, SC well in advance of your move. Make them mini-vacations: when you check into a local hotel or motel for a few days with no pressing agenda, you’ll be free to learn a lot about your new town, discover some of what will become your new favorite place, and just plain get familiar with what is where (and how to get there). Later, when you’re in the midst of relocating to Charleston area, there won’t be any free time for that kind of leisurely investigation.


Be sure to visit our Charleston area Chamber of Commerce early during your first stay. You’ll find loads of resources to help you familiarize yourself with the whole region. From welcome packets that include coupons and a list of things to do, to specific question-answering advice and help, the C of C is a great free resource for future residents.


Even further in advance, once relocating to Charleston, SC looks likely, whether you plan to buy or lease, get in touch with a Charleston Realtor®.  There is no better source for insider guidance on schools, which neighborhoods are the best for your needs, and invaluable help in finding and landing your new residence.

Advance planning will make relocating to Charleston, SC a positive and efficient experience— and it’s my business to help that happen for my clients. Contemplating relocating to town in 2014? A call to me now is a great way to get started!



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