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New Home Search Goals Change with Circumstances

Wednesday, December 4, 2013   /   by Fra Jamir

New Home Search Goals Change with Circumstances

As you begin any search for a new home in Charleston, SC, it’s worthwhile to take a step back — to take a momentary time-out to consider widening the range of possibilities.

For many families, the kind of home they are looking for is a foregone conclusion. Either they want a customized house in a new development, or a new home that they will build themselves, or they may be pointed toward an existing house in an established neighborhood.


It’s a worthwhile exercise to look at the assumptions behind those fundamental housing preferences. After all, this is a very basic choice that will greatly affect every family member’s quality of life for a very long time. As you would expect, most of the time such evaluations result in confirming the original direction: people who prefer a sparkling new home will wind up checking out the new developments; those who gravitate toward stately, tree-lined streets will point toward existing homes in established neighborhoods.

No surprise there. But there is value in understanding the root causes why one direction has more appeal than another. Understanding those reasons can tell you what qualities are really most important in your new home. It can clarify what you should be looking for in your search.

 If you have become a true do-it-yourselfer who takes satisfaction in presenting a distinctly individualistic personality to the world, a model home in a sparkling new development might now hold less appeal than it did previously. But if your new promotion has made for a more high-energy, career-centered lifestyle, time factors alone might make the advantages of a turnkey new home in a development decisive.

What turns out to be as important as anything else is whether your current living situation has changed enough that a new kind of home choice might be worth considering. Especially when you are about to embark on as important a project as finding a new home in Charleston, SC, take a moment to be sure that more than momentum lies behind your basic direction. Then I’ll be ready, willing and able to help you find a Charleston new home that fills the bill!


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-Jeff Cook

Jeff Cook Real Estate

Charleston, SC