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How To Get Your Offer To Buy A Home Accepted

Wednesday, April 16, 2014   /   by Fra Jamir

How To Get Your Offer To Buy A Home Accepted

So you have found the perfect Charleston property and you are ready to buy? The next step is to make an offer on the home to the seller.

But what if the seller doesn’t accept your offer and someone else comes in and sweeps up your dream home right from under your nose?

With so many home buyers out there, many sellers are receiving multiple offers on their properties. This makes it more difficult for you to submit an offer that stands out and gets their attention.


You will need to make sure that your offer is impeccable and appeals to the seller. In order to help your offer get accepted, here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • Make sure that you have your finances in order before you make the offer on the home, so that you can show the seller your pre-approval letter from your lender.This will demonstrate to them that if they choose you, the process will be quick and easy.


  • Make sure that your offer is neatly presented and includes all of the required information. If the seller receives incomplete offers they might just throw them out.


  • Be ready to make a decision as soon as possible. If you wait a few days, the home might get snapped up.


  • Be flexible with your closing date, making things easier for the seller.



  • Make your offer as “clean” as possible without too many clauses and requirements. For example, avoid asking the seller to pay for lender’s fees, home warranty, etc.


  • If you can, give the seller more than the 1% earnest deposit on the price – which will show that you are financially stable and serious about buying the home.



  • Write them a personal letter explaining why you love their home and want to live there, including photos of your family. The personal touch will make you even more memorable.


  • If it comes down to price, add an extra $500 onto your offer. Although $110,000 and $110,500 are not that different, they will look different enough to the seller.

The best thing to do is to speak to your real estate agent and ask them to figure out what is most important to the seller, such as the terms, the price or the closing date.


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-Jeff Cook

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