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Communication Skills to Look For in Your Agent

Tuesday, October 15, 2013   /   by Fra Jamir

Communication Skills to Look For in Your Agent

One of the most important and vital skills necessary when buying or selling a home, or in any business transaction, is communication. Having the ability to effectively communicate with all parties involved in a transaction can effectively make or break a deal. It doesn't matter whether you are in the business of delivering products or services, either way your success depends heavily on communication.


Not only is this skill necessary when negotiating a real estate transaction but also in every aspect of life, be it social or family life. You will accomplish more goals with less energy if you’re a great communicator.  Real Estate agents who are great communicators will not only be able to meet your home buying or selling needs but will ultimately be able to negotiate the best deal for you. Here are some communications skills you will want to seek out in an agent:

They Build Relationships - Communication means sending message to another party, meaning it’s not just you involved but a group of people. Agents who are amazing communicators understand and know that people choose to listen more to those they’re connected with intellectually or emotionally. They don’t just broadcast their message assuming it’s the most important message for the listener.  They know their audience and value their importance. Great real estate agents build the relationship in all interactions in any setting over time for great and successful communication. Good will has an accumulative effect.



They Are Experts – Agents who have the knowledge, insight, and forward thinking ability earn the respect of colleagues in their industry and their clients. People won’t listen if they don’t believe you could offer expertise on the table. Your agent’s knowledge and the value that they bring to the conversations and negotiations will be respected by the parties involved. Subject matter expertise should be the first thing your agent needs to focus on to be a great communicator.

 They Listen - When you allow yourself to listen, you often hear what is not being said. Real Estate Agents who have the ability to read between the spoken lines will better understand the whole context of their client’s thinking and needs.  Understanding the client’s needs when searching for a new home or selling a home is crucial to the process of buying or selling a home.

They Clarify and Reinforce – Your agent should be simple and clear and willing to answer all of your questions. They should be able to simplify complex parts of the real estate transaction without being condescending.

People only retain ten percent of what they hear so reinforce key points through storytelling, context and repetition. Your agent should be dynamic and thoughtful in their delivery because it matters to the clients on all sides of the transaction.

They Practice – Almost all skills require practice; and to be an effective communicator, your agent should practice. They should learn from experts, practice from coaches and study techniques that will help improve their skills.

Gaining the ability to calmly communicate one’s way through problems , negotiations and deals will not only benefit you but all parties involved in the real estate process.

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