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Charleston Vacation Home Makes Sense When You Add It All Up

Monday, December 2, 2013   /   by Fra Jamir

Charleston Vacation Home Makes Sense When You Add It All Up

Deciding to buy a vacation home in Charleston, SC can be one of the smartest investments there is. Or it can turn into an irksome drain on time and pocketbook. As much as with any real estate transaction, buying a vacation home that fulfills its upside potential takes thoughtful weighing of all the advantages and drawbacks a second home entails.

There’s nothing better than having your own place to escape to when it’s time to get away… and if the same sanctuary can be rented out now and again, that extra income only adds appeal. Especially when you find a place that strikes an emotional cord, it can be hard to resist the impulse to just make an offer and work out the kinks later. All the same, it pays to keep an eye on some of the issues that don’t leap to mind when you think “vacation.” 


Even if it’s only a part-time venue, that Charleston vacation home will need ongoing maintenance attention.  If you are a dedicated DIY hobbyist, that may not be a large issue; but if not, part of your due diligence will be verifying the availability and price of professional help.

For a second home to make financial sense, all expense items should be part of the budget calculations. A vacation home might be near enough to the water to warrant flood insurance (or extra work done to prepare it for floods), just as a cabin in a wildfire-prone area might be at greater risk of fire and need extra coverage. If your vacation home will involve a home loan, be prepared to pencil in a higher interest rate than what’s expected for a primary residence. Even if it’s just a bit higher, the total amount will add up over the life of the loan. Taking all expenses fully into account from the beginning means there will be no surprises later on.  

A Charleston area vacation home should be a place that lowers everyday stress levels — not adds to them. There are plenty of properties available; one of them might be just right for you!


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-Jeff Cook

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