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Charleston, SC among the Top Property Hotspots in the World

Tuesday, August 26, 2014   /   by Fra Jamir

Charleston, SC among the Top Property Hotspots in the World

During the course of the global economic crisis and the recessions that followed, experienced investors have been adding solid assets to their portfolios to protect their investments.

The world's most common asset is property, and in recent years, with prices plummeting to well below peak levels, it's been very much a buyer's market for quite some time.

Unsurprisingly, those who have benefitted most during these times of recession have had quite a bit to lose before things went out of order across the globe, therefore it is no wonder that the strongest recovery in global property markets has been at the top end, in prime markets such as London and New York.

Rich investors have found value in these places and they are now considered the ten hottest property investment destinations for the ultra-rich:

1.) Vail, Colorado

2.) Jackson Hole, Wyoming
3.) Kauai, Hawaii

4.) Anguilla

5.) Antigua

 6.) Patagonia, Argentina
7.) Tel Aviv in Israel

8.) One Hyde Park in London

9.) Monaco      

And of course our very own….
10.) Charleston, South Carolina.


Situated on America's east coast, historic Charleston has a moderate all year round climate that allows for all types of outdoor recreations, proving a popular attraction to property investors.

The coastal city has an astounding economic success story that also appeals to buyers, particularly from within the US. Over 250 small-scale tech and digital companies have set up offices in the Charleston area, making it one of the 10 fastest growing cities for software and internet technologies in the US.

Among the significant improvement in Charleston, SC is the Halsey Park. It is a new up-market development located in Harleston Village in the heart of downtown Charleston. The plans are for terraced townhouses with private rooftop decks and harbor views. Townhouses are priced at just above $1m with houses in the historic core of Charleston topping $7.5m.

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