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Charleston Home Sellers Bolster Results by Attention to Minor Details

Sunday, December 8, 2013   /   by Fra Jamir

Charleston Home Sellers Bolster Results by Attention to Minor Details

Although the housing market continues to improve, it’s not quite time for the next wave of Charleston home sellers to reserve the moving vans. Especially for home sellers who are on the verge of listing their property, it is time to pay attention to the smaller details that would seem inconsequential, but which can nonetheless determine a prospective buyer’s level of enthusiasm (hence, the size of their offer!).


One of the humblest details that can go unattended is grout. Honestly. A flawlessly tiled shower or kitchen splashboard can go unnoticed if the grout looks as if it has gone bad. The do-it-yourself fixes are relatively easy to handle, so before that first open house is imminent, here is the way DIY experts tell us we can eliminate the issue entirely:


Use a hammer and chisel to chip away at the questionable grout. When doing this, aim the tool directly into the grout so you do not damage the tiles. This is the part where you must take your time: rushing now could mean to re-tile.


Have a vacuum handy. Once grout has been removed, use it to thoroughly clear away the debris. You’ll need a clean area before re-grouting begins.

Always wear gloves during the re-grouting. You should also use a grout float (available at any of our Charleston area hardware stores) to make sure the grout is spread and removed easily. Spread the grout into any gaps where they appear, and press it down firmly into the corners using your fingers.


Finish using a grout sealant, and be sure to give it time to cure. The momentary inconvenience will more than pay off when you see the final result.


As The Wall Street Journal points out, “Deals can fall through at the last minute for a variety of reasons.” While crumbling grout is unlikely to actually cause a deal to fall apart at the last minute, home sellers find that details like sparkling, well cared-for tiling can help land that deal in the first place! Charleston home sellers — it’s time to contact me if you’re ready to list this holiday season!


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-Jeff Cook

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